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We are 12slex the American organization of CPA, The world’s largest member association.


Our approach is individual to everyone who can find many kinds of products for marketing through 12slex.

03We believe
In our work

We believe in word of mouth. Real products/services Marketing. Real time payment

04Be with us
Be success

Whether your aim is to earn then join with us, work hard, spend time and get the positive result.


It was something we credited to our team's experience, attainment, and our skill to engage our members and make your feedback an intergral allocation of the fee process. Our members have always been adept to spot bugs, try out weaknesses, and counsel features to by now happening all of our members earn more.

Our Soi Offer

Single opt-in (the addict straightforwardly submits his email habitat without confirming)


Our Doi Offer

Double opt-in (the adherent submits his email residence and confirms within the mail he got)

....LINK.... OFFER

Our Smart Link Offer

SmartLink is a member containing various offers in it. Indeed, a SmartLink is a URL where you can send any and all traffic and the network filters .


Our CC Offer

Indeed, their performance depends on the offer’s flow, country, operator’s requirements, market niche, and even internet connection

BIG Earning

We are amenable to meet the expense of campaigner solutions for a quick growth of our intimates.

Statistics Clear

12Slex makes certain all the conversions you sent are reflected, checked and paid for. Every click, all gain, all gloves are highly important.

Attention To Details

Our right of entry is individual to everyone allowing to see the unique issue and locate the most capture habit.

Execution Prompt

We motivate the disturb and unexpectedly launch scrutiny to ensure we are getting results.

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